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Large Correctives 

We Specialize in Large Correctives/Major Component Replacements. 

All GE Platforms, Siemens 2.3, Bonus 1.3, and Micon Turbines. 

Solar Farm Support

whether its replacing panels, skids, or any of the various site cleanup we can support. 

Wind Turbine Maintenance

The best way to ensure Wind turbines are producing is by ensuring that they are maintained properly. We provide the absolute highest quality of maintenances 

Experts with Wind Turbine catastrophic drive train failures

Alpha Industrial Maintenance has the most experience in the industry when dealing with Catastrophic failures. Others tend to steer clear of these challenges.....We shine in these situations. (uncontrolled rotors, Seized drive trains, spun shafts, etc... Alpha industrial Maintenance can handle it. 

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