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Alpha Industrial Maintenance is a service company focused on providing the highest quality of work in the Renewable Industry. As a company, we want to define the new standard of what you the customer should be getting in any service stretching from solar maintenance to Catastrophic Wind Turbine damage. 

Our Vision.


Our vision is not only to provide the absolute highest quality of service available in the Renewable Industry but to do so safely and efficiently. We had the privilege of working for some of the absolute best renewable companies on the planet. One thing that seemed to be a consistent issue across the industry was the lack of quality, efficiency, and willingness to think out side of the box when dealing with situations that may be considered "out of the norm."   

We are what happens when Passion, Integrity, Hardwork, and Knowledge come together.  

Company Profile.


We go by Alpha Industrial Maintenance for a reason. We can confidently say that we are the best at what we do. Luckily for us we are much better at working on wind turbines that we are creating websites...Call us at 806-690-7037 for more Information. 

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